Use the pen as a pen, highlighter or eraser on any display with no calibration needed.
pen Tip Indicator
The tip of the pen changes to show you what color you're currently using
Grip the pen here to be able to write, highlight or erase; the thickness of your line is determined by how hard you grip the pen
Scroll Bar
Use the scroll bar to change and select menu options
Press this button to open the on-screen options menu
Take screen snapshots and access previously captured screen shots
Press the draw button to activate the pen, highlighter or eraser functionality
Press the undo button to undo the previous action; hold for 3 seconds to clear the screen of all ink
Switch to Mouse Mode
Press the mode button to switch to mouse mode
All the functionality of a mouse with a 40-foot range.
Press this button to left click
Right Click
Press this button to right click
Take screen snapshots and access previously captured screen shots
Scroll Bar
Use the scroll bar to scroll just as you would with a table-top mouse
Left Click
Press this button to left click
Press the back button to slide backwards in a presentation
Switch to pen Mode
Press the mode button to switch to pen mode
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The pen

Height1.2 in
Width6.2 in
Depth2.1 in
Weight4 ounces

The veu

Height1.7 in
Width7.6 in
Depth3.4 in
Weight10 ounces

The dock

Height1.7 in
Width3.2 in
Depth3.2 in
Weight2 ounces
6.2 in
1.2 in
7.6 in
1.7 in
3.2 in
1.7 in

Store your files on your device

With storage of 8GB or 32GB, your presentation files and screen captures go with you.

Get a 40-foot device range

Write on the display itself or up to 40 feet away accurately, however you prefer.

Write in any color

Write, draw or highlight in several different colors and thicknesses. Play around with the options below to see how you can write on any display.


Robust battery indicator

The pen has an accurate battery status indicator, including six levels of battery life and a blinking red light in the last few minutes of battery charge.

Easily find a lost device

Lost the pen? Press the "Locate pen" button on the back of the veu to locate the device.

Connect to any device

Works with any projector or display with a VGA cable,
Works on every surface, including pull-down screens,
Compatible with Microsoft and Apple

Rocket science technology

The technology used to build penveu is truly rocket science, previously used for military applications, now available in the palm of your hand.

Video Tours

penveu overview
learn all about penveu interactive display system


penveu user guide
penveu interactive display system video users guide


penveu user interface guide

Install penveu in 30 seconds or less
penveu is so easy to install, it can be completed in 30 seconds or less.

About penveu

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