Program Overview

Standing out from the crowd of competitors today is more challenging than ever. Customers want solutions that are easy to use, fast to install, and at a price point that fits within their budget constraints. Penveu is that solution.

Add value for your customers

Adding penveu to your product portfolio can help differentiate you from your competitors by offering an entirely new technology that helps your customers and prospects overcome their everyday challenge of making interactivity accessible, mobile, engaging and user-friendly.

It's an easy sell

Penveu is user-friendly, intuitive and easy to install.

It's affordable

Penveu breaks down the budget barrier, offering an affordable alternative to existing technologies, making it an attractive option no matter your customers' budget constraints or how many units are on their wish list.

It's new

Because penveu is new (and first) to market, your customers have not had access to the technology, and only a few can offer the product (keeping competition at bay).

Next steps

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